5 Ways To Earn Money By Playing Games In India


There is a wide variety of professions in the world and people work differently for different reasons. Most of us are working for the sole purpose of earning money, others are enjoying their passion to the fullest along with earning money. But one thing is common for all – “Work becomes Worship” for all and it’s even better when your work becomes fun.

A career out of performing arts like singing, dancing, drama, theatre, martial arts etc are all very well and are great examples of fields which can help you earn as well as fuel your passion. However, who thought that” Gaming” would become a part of these examples.

By now, everybody knows that there are world championships and tournaments held by Tencent for its extremely trendy mobile game – Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG by its dear fans. It is also another known fact that these tournaments also happen to have a massive winning prize which is equal to earning money.

This is not the only game that you can play and make money with. So here we provide you with ideas / 5 ways to earn money by playing games in India, after all – “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy !!! ”

5 Ways To Earn Money By Playing Games In India:

Gaming can be physical or most probably online. India is reported to have seen a huge growth spurt in online games during the pandemic period of CoronaVirus. This has led to a contemplation of Online Gaming to become the next top profession in the coming years. So without further ado let’s discuss 5 ways to earn money via gaming.

  1. Participating in Gaming Tournaments

As mentioned before as well one can earn money by participating and winning gaming tournaments. Gaming tournaments have recently become the hype of today’s digitally invoked world. These gaming tournaments are held enthusiastically and involve flashy, grand prize money.

If you think you can handle all that cash flushing in, the fame pouring, along with the glory of a championship cup shining beside you, you ought to try your hand out at online cash games.

  1. Recording your gaming and game play videos

You must have also seen a lot of YouTubers recording their gaming sessions and uploading them on youtube. One must have also heard certain tactics and tips to help with the particular game being voiced over by the YouTubers on the same video.

Yes, you guessed it right… it’s the golden era where you can ‘teach’ gaming to other eager learners. Giving tips and tricks to gaming is a fun way to earn money, we even think it sounds kind of too lavish a profession. What do you think?

  1. Live streaming of video games

Live streaming of video games is very interesting as it lets the viewer learn and understand the preliminaries of gaming in real-time. The ones who stream such videos are individuals who get to earn a lot by gaining viewership on their respective gaming channels. The concept of earning money via live streaming is fairly new. No harm in trying right?

  1. Game testing as a profession

To become a game tester is indeed very exciting, who wouldn’t like to get paid just to sit and play games right? However, one should bear in mind that you also have to know the software and mechanisms right. You should also be able to detect bugs and suggest fixes and updates. It is a tough job if we think about it but practice makes a man perfect.

  1. Playing android games

There are many android games that let you earn money online. The mobile is the device that helps you partner up in this case. Since these games can be played on any android device it makes it easier for you to play on the go. Need a little break from reading the article… hell yes !! Let’s go, Game on !!!


So folks now that you know 5 different ways to earn while gaming don’t waste your time listening to the oldies saying – “Gaming won’t help you earn Bread” because we assure you that IT will. Just save your passion and pursue it.

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