Are Currency ATMS Out of Favour In 2021

Are Currency ATMS Out of Favour In 2021


Before 2020, ATMs were in full swing as people used to withdraw cash. In lieu of the Covid 19 pandemic since 2020, people are scared of going out. Everyone has shifted to online mode be it shopping or for payment.

As there is a fear that the virus spreads by touch also so people avoid going out to collect cash and instead prefer online mode of transactions via google pay on different forex brokers platforms, phone pay or any other medium.

Hence we can say that in this era currency ATMs are out of favor. Automated teller machine use has been rapidly declining in many other geographic locations because the COVID-19 disease outbreak transformed the world’s behavior.

It’s been fueled by a mixture of lack of mobility and economic growth (due to imposed shutdowns); growing usage of alternative platforms, such as cell phones; and, also promoted by merchants, perhaps unreasonable fear of something like the hazards of carrying money, however, that hypothesis is debatable.

According to the new Rbi guidelines, alternative money transfer platforms such as the Aadhaar-enabled Payment System (AePS) and point of sale (PoS) portals developed faster than conventional ATMs mostly during the shutdown.

Cash transactions from bank machines (ATMs) fell by 47 percent to 284 million in The third quarter, according to information from the Indian Government (RBI). Outflows from AePS more than tripled to 7.8 million at about the same moment.

To be assured, alternative money networks are growing from a smaller average than ATMs, which are a relatively established withdrawing scheme. Whenever the administration’s instant money conversion system failed, AePS was used to withdraw cash from Jan Dhan bank accounts (DBT).

Nowadays as we all have become comfortable at our homes and somewhat become lazy as well we avoid stepping out. Getting things done in the comfort of our homes gives us another level of joy and happiness. Nowadays even when one goes to buy groceries or medicines they prefer paying by phone transaction instead of paying by cash because of the current situation worldwide.

Even during online delivery when you order stuff online the cash on delivery option is not there and they tell you to pay online either through net banking or other UPI applications.

A glowing bank Machine has emerged in Montana smoke stores, petrol stations in the Carolinas, and delicatessens to some far parts of New York City, whereby consumers can purchase or lease virtual money.

Over the last year, the computers have expanded rapidly across the United States, fuelled by a crypto trading bubble that sent bitcoin values above $58,000. Vast numbers of Atm machines have been built by kiosk retailers such as CoinFlip and Coin Cloud, searching places where rivals have still yet to enter, marketers told Reporters.


Hence we conclude that this is the era of the digital world and currently the ATM machines are not favored by people. Taking a small example that if you go to buy something and you are not carrying cash then instead of searching for an ATM Machine to withdraw cash one can always resort to online measures.

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